How to apply:

The agency represents actors aged from around five years old to young adults.

We’re always interested in hearing from new talent, however owing to a high level of interest, sadly we’re unable to meet everybody who applies.

If you’re interesting in applying for representation, please send us a self-taped video. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Film a short introduction, saying your name and age to camera, and where you are based

  • Film a short drama piece (very young kids can tell us a poem or a funny story instead)

  • If you are a singer or dancer, you can add short clips of a song and of a dance routine as appropriate

There are lots of short monologues available online, and your local library should also have books of collected audition pieces available, either in stock or on order.

We’d like you to use your own initiative to find a suitable piece, so please don’t ask us for recommendations. However we would urge you to chose a piece featuring a character of your own age, and using your own native accent.

Avoid Shakespeare speeches or scripts written in archaic speech, as we need to get an idea of what you would be like in a contemporary piece.

The piece shouldn’t be any longer than a minute in length. Your video can be up to 100MB in size which should be plenty – if your video is bigger than that, check the settings on your camera/device – you should set it to record 720p, there is no need to record at higher resolution. Please don’t send us videos via e-mail or file transfer, as they may not reach us.

Click here for advice on how to record and send self tapes.

Once your video is ready, please save it as a single file, using the applicant’s name as the filename, and upload it together with a recent head and shoulders photo and a CV, including your home address and contact details.


What happens next?

Owing to the large number of applications we receive, sadly we are unable to reply personally to every application as soon as it arrives. Once you upload an application, you will see a message on screen confirming that it has been received.

We look through applications on a regular basis, and we will contact you either way as soon as we have had a chance to watch them.

If you do not hear from us, regretfully we have not been able to invite you for a workshop this time, though you are welcome to reapply in a year’s time, when there may be more opportunities in your casting category.

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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