How to apply:

The agency represents actors aged from around five years old to young adults, and you can apply via the links below.
What we want to see:

In order to consider you for representation, we would like you to tape a short video for us to watch. This should contain:

  • a short introduction, telling us a little about yourself
  • a drama piece of around a minute in length, in your own accent (very young children can do a poem or nursery rhyme instead)
  • if you sing, dance, play an instrument, perform gymnastics or can do any other skill to a high standard, we would also love to see that!
 We cannot consider your application unless you have a drama piece for us to watch, so please don’t complete the application form until you have a video that you can link to! 
Once you have a video ready for us to watch, please upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or similar as an unlisted video, and then put the link in your application. Don’t set the video to private, or we won’t be able to see it – just unlisted. You can link to as many videos as you like. Please do not send us video files via filesharing services like WeTransfer or similar as the high volume of applications we receive makes it impossible for us to consider these.

Please click the relevant link below to start your application. If you are already in Spotlight, please add your Spotlight PIN. If not, just skip that step and click to continue.

You will need to paste a link to your acting self tape at the end of your application form, where it says ‘supporting weblink’.

Please answer as many of the questions as you can. You do not need to complete them all, but it is helpful for us to have as much information as possible!

Under 16s – please apply here

Over 16s – please apply here

What happens next?

We view every application we receive, and aim to look through them once a month. At busy times it may take longer, however, so if you haven’t heard back from us yet, please be patient – we will respond either way as soon as we have made a decision.

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